Members Can Earn Real Cash with the Power of Crowd-Shopping.

Shop, Share and Earn from your favorite stores.

As a Priority Member, you can earn real cash rewards when your friends shop. Tap into the power of your social network with Earning Social powered by QuantumCash. It’s the best way to earn cash with your phone, tablet or computer. Together, we are earning social.™

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Shop a little, earn a lot with Crowd-Shopping™.

The Benefits of Crowd-Shopping:

Customers get access to great deals from thousands of retailers in the Earning Social Shopping Portal.

Priority Members can earn more than they spend.

As a Priority Member of Earning Social, when anyone you invite, joins and shops, you get paid. The Crowd-Shopping™ effect takes place when your friends invite others to join your Earning Social Universe!

Why It’s Different

We offer more than just cash back or points.

Why limit your rewards to your own spending? Now, as a Priority Member, you can earn cash on the spending of your entire Earning Social Universe! You will be amazed at how good it can feel to earn more.

Continue to use your favorite cards for purchases.

Good news, you can still use the payment cards you love to earn your points, percent or miles as you make your purchases online with Earning Social merchants. PLUS, as a Priority Member you earn Multiplied Cash Rewards from Earning Social when anyone in your Social Universe shops, too!

How It Works

Customers and Members simply browse the offers available from 2,000 top retailers or search for a specific product. When you're ready to earn rewards, just click through to the retailer via our link or activate your Rewards Volume with the convenient Shopping Assistant and checkout directly with the store.


Customers & Members get access to great deals and offers from 2,000 top retailers. Every purchase earns Rewards Volume.


Become a Priority Member to Earn Cash on the total spending in your Universe.


Invite friends to join Earning Social and grow your Universe. The bigger the crowd, the more you can earn.


As a Priority Member you can earn cash. Earn a percentage of the total Rewards Volume in your Universe.

How to Grow Your Earning Social Universe

When you join Earning Social as a Customer, you can shop and get deals for free. To earn cash, become a Priority Member. Invite others using your personal URL address. Every time someone joins and/or invites their friends, they become part of your Earning Social Universe. It's that easy!

As a Priority Member, start building steady income yourself. You can do it from anywhere. No Sales. No pyramid schemes. Simple invitation-only shopping. we call it Crowd-Shopping. The bigger your crowd the more you earn from top retailers you already love. Check us out. Learn more. Join. Go to

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